Rockford Brewing Co.


Rockford Brewing (click for website) is probably the most popular cyclist destination on the White Pine Trail. We recommend this ride if you have a few hours, as the brewery is a pretty great halfway point. Rockford is also a cute village to explore and is very popular on summertime weekends.

Street address: 12 E. Bridge St. Rockford, MI 49341 (Click for Google Maps link)


~11 miles (one way)


Generally flat, with a couple hills near the start (and at the end of the return trip). You'll mostly be riding in the road on quiet neighborhood streets, a short section of on-road bike lane or sidewalk if you prefer, followed by paved multi-use bike path for most of the trip.


  • Unlock your bike from the rack, get your helmet on.
  • Head north (left) up Plainfield just 1/2 block to Marywood, and turn west (left, away from Plainfield) .
  • Follow Marywood to the end of the street, turn RIGHT on Oakwood and head down the hill to the roundabout. Watch for cars! Continue STRAIGHT up the hill to the stop sign, which is Coit Ave. Watch for cars and cross the street, continue on Oakwood.
  • At the bottom of a gentle hill, turn LEFT onto Sligh Street (if you don't make the turn you can also continue a few more blocks to 3 Mile Rd... but Sligh is quieter).
  • Follow Sligh three blocks to its end, Monroe Avenue. Watch for cars and cross Monroe, then turn RIGHT onto the Monroe Bikeway. You'll follow the bikeway north past the I-96 underpass to the North Park traffic circle.
  • At North Park you can cross the street to cross the bridge over the Grand River on its north side. If you don't want to cross the street, that's OK too, you can cross the bridge on the south side and use the underpass on the far bank.
  • Cross the bridge. You'll want to be on the path on the north side of the street. If you're on the south side, you can turn left on the far bank of the river and head down (careful with the grade! we suggest walking your bike) to the underpass to get to the other side of the road. Once you've gone under the bridge, follow the path around to the left and you'll end up on the sidewalk/multi-use path on the north side). This is the White Pine Trail.
  • Continue along the trail until just before the highway underpass. Hang a RIGHT to stay on the White Pine trail. (If you miss this you can also turn right on Mill Creek St. up ahead for an extension of the White Pine Trail that goes through the "downtown" area of Comstock Park. Regardless of which way you go, after a couple miles you'll be at the entrance drive "Ballpark Drive" to the Fifth Third Ballpark (you'll have passed the ballpark at this point). To your right you'll see a go-kart track & batting cage. To your left you'll see an intersection with a stoplight.
  • Continue straight on the trail. Everything's basically a straight shot from here. Ahead, you'll have a few road crossings - some busier than others. Follow the signs, watch for cars, use your bells as you're passing people. The White Pine is a wonderful trail and used by many!
    • Ballpark Drive: 4.0 miles from racks
    • Bridge over West River Drive: 6.2 miles from racks
    • Belmont Ave. trailhead: 7.5 miles from racks
    • Rockford Brewing! ~11 miles from racks
  • You've basically arrived once you cross the bridge over the Rogue River, and under the 10 Mile Road underpass.
  • Look for the racks ahead on the right side of the trail. The brewery & its outdoor seating is on the left.
  • Lock your bike up on the rack and enjoy a beer with that awesome White Pine discount of yours! When we stop at Rockford Brewing we typically enjoy a delicious soft pretzel or some of the awesome hand-cut fries with a beer.