Mitten Brewing Co.


The Mitten Brewing Co. (click for website) is a westside brewery with a baseball theme and some great beers in a cool old former firehouse.

Street address: 527 Leonard Street NW, Grand Rapids MI 49504 (click for Google Maps link)


~3.5 miles (one way)


Flat, slight downhill. Quiet neighborhood streets, followed by paved multi-use paths with a small amount of riding in bike lanes on streets mixed in.


  • Unlock your bike from the rack, get your helmet on. You'll be riding in the road for part of this route, so review your hand signals and turn on those lights!
  • From the racks, head inland/east away from the Grand River to the closest street (Campau Avenue). Turn right/south on Campau Avenue. 
  • Before the road curves to the left, look to your right/west as you pass the parking garage to see a pathway towards the river. Follow that path across the local landmark Blue Bridge. Watch out for pedestrians!
  • Cross the river on the Blue Bridge, and continue straight under the highway on Front Street. Continue straight at the road intersection through Grand Valley's building... this is part of GVSU's downtown campus. Still watch out for pedestrians.
  • Continue straight through the campus and the parking lot to Winter Avenue, and turn left/north on Winter. You can ride on the sidewalk for a bit, or move to the road. Note: There is no curb cut to get to Winter Avenue... be careful riding down this curb!
  • Ride north on Winter to the light at Lake Michigan Drive. Turn left/west on Lake Michigan for one block, then turn right/northat the next light onto Seward Avenue.
  • Ride in the bike lane on Seward Avenue for about 1/4 mile, to Bridge Street. Note that we have some friends on Bridge Street, like Harmony Hall about 1 block to your left, and The Knickerbocker and Jolly Pumpkin about 2 blocks to your right.
  • Continue north on Seward one mile, to Leonard Street. At Leonard Street, Seward Avenue changes to a bikeway. You'll continue north on the bikeway for about half a mile. 
  • Cross the street and turn right/east on to the Leonard Street sidewalk.
  • Stay slow on the sidewalk and watch for traffic... the Mitten is about two blocks ahead, at the intersection of Leonard St. and Quarry Ave.
  • Lock your bike up to the rack in front and go enjoy a beer with your White Pine discount!
  • Besides their great beer, The Mitten is also known for their unique and delicious pizza, and can even make gluten- or dairy-free varieties. They also have a pretty phenomenal giant soft pretzel.

NOTE: If you go a little bit overboard at Mitten - it happens - remember, you have time to spare to sober up! Take your time. Have a sandwich. If you're not comfortable getting back on your bike, don't do it! Remember, buzzed biking is drunk biking, and just as dangerous as drunk driving! Bus route 7 has a stop immediately outside - at the southwest corner of the intersection of Leonard and Quarry - and can take you back close to downtown.  The bus costs $1.75 and you can put the bike right on the front of the bus for no extra charge. Biking around the city, ending up at Mitten or another brewery, and taking the bus back is a certainly not uncommon for our riders.

Check out the bus system and routes at this page: Tell the driver you want to get off at Mount Vernon and Pearl, and walk your bike from there back to the rack. You'll walk on Pearl under the highway and across the river, and can see the JW Marriott hotel to the right as you approach. Be safe!