Mitten Brewing Co.


The Mitten Brewing Co. (click for website) is a westside brewery with a baseball theme and some great beers in a cool old former firehouse.

Street address: 527 Leonard Street NW, Grand Rapids MI 49504 (click for Google Maps link)


~3.5 miles (one way)


Flat, slight downhill. Quiet neighborhood streets, followed by paved multi-use paths with a small amount of riding in bike lanes on streets mixed in.


  • Unlock your bike from the rack, get your helmet on. You'll be riding in the road for parts of this route, so review your hand signals and turn on those lights!
  • Head north (left) up Plainfield just 1/2 block to Marywood, and turn west (left, away from Plainfield) .
  • Follow Marywood to the end of the street, turn right on Oakwood and head down the hill to the roundabout. Watch for cars!
  • Signal and turn left here, onto Comstock St. In one block, turn left on Coit Ave. Follow Coit two blocks to Guild Street, which is a slight veer to the right. Stay on Guild St. just a couple of blocks to the next roundabout, which is Monroe Avenue.
  • Riverside Park is straight ahead across Monroe. Continue through the roundabout into the park until you're close to the river, then take a LEFT past the yellow gate. This is the far south end of the White Pine trail.
  • Stay on the trail through the park and past the boat launch until the trail ends at the Ann Street sidewalk.
  • Turn RIGHT and stay on the sidewalk across the bridge. If you're comfortable being on the street, you can jump on the road past the bridge, but it's not worth getting on the road before the bridge.
  • Continue on Ann past the highway underpass and the light at Turner Avenue. About a block past Turner Avenue you'll see a small bike sign saying "Kent Trails" and pointing to the left. Follow it!
  • Watch for traffic and turn LEFT at the crosswalk to go up and over the railroad track and the small creek. The trail will put you onto Elizabeth Avenue. Veer slight right to head south on Elizabeth, a quiet neighborhood street.
  • Elizabeth Avenue ends at Richmond Street in about one block. Turn RIGHT on Richmond.
  • Take the bike lane on Richmond about a block to the railroad tracks. Immediately look to your LEFT for the Seward Avenue Bikeway. Head south on the bikeway.
  • Stay on the Seward Avenue Bikeway for about four blocks (watch for traffic as you cross even these quiet neighborhood streets) to the major intersection with a stoplight, Leonard Street.
  • You don't need to cross, just turn LEFT on to the Leonard Street sidewalk.
  • Stay slow on the sidewalk and watch for traffic... the Mitten is about two blocks ahead, at the intersection of Leonard St. and Quarry Ave.
  • Lock your bike up to the rack in front and go enjoy a beer with your White Pine discount!
  • Besides their great beer, The Mitten is also known for their unique and delicious pizza, and can even make gluten- or dairy-free varieties. They also have a pretty phenomenal giant soft pretzel.