Creston Brewery


Creston Brewery (click for website) a local neighborhood favorite in a cool old building. If you're looking for a drink, know that Creston only carries their (excellent) beers - no spirits. They do have a very small selection of wine and cider.

Street address: 1504 Plainfield Ave. NE, Grand Rapids MI 49505 (click for Google Maps link)


~2 miles (one way)


Flat, slight uphill. Riding on roadways in marked bike lanes the entire way.


  • Unlock your bike from the rack, get your helmet on. You'll be riding in the road (in marked bike lanes) for this route, so review your hand signals and turn on those lights!
  • From the racks, head inland/east away from the Grand River to the closest street (Campau Avenue). Turn left/north on Campau Avenue, then turn right/east at the light (Pearl Street). Take the right lane - you'll be continuing straight past the next light.
  • Continue straight on Pearl 4 blocks to its end, at Division Avenue. Turn left/north onto Division. 
  • A few blocks north on Division there is a fork in the road, with one way heading uphill to Michigan Street. Stay left.
  • Follow Division Avenue north for just over a mile. Division becomes Plainfield Avenue north of the Leonard Street light.
  • Creston Brewery is in a building on the right, at the northeast corner of Plainfield and Quimby. Lock your bike up to the rack on Quimby and enjoy a beer with your cool White Pine discount! CB also has some amazing nachos, just sayin'.

NOTE: If you go a little bit overboard at Creston- it happens - remember, you have time to spare to sober up! Take your time. Have a sandwich. If you're not comfortable getting back on your bike, don't do it! Remember, buzzed biking is drunk biking, and just as dangerous as drunk driving! Bus route 11 has a stop immediately outside - by the statue at the southwest corner of the intersection - and can take you back downtown.  The bus costs $1.75 and you can put the bike right on the front of the bus for no extra charge. Biking around the city, ending up at Creston, and taking the bus back is a certainly not uncommon for our riders. Check out the bus system and routes at this page: Tell the driver you want to get off at Monroe and Louis downtown, and walk your bike from there back to the rack.