City Built Brewing Co.


City Built Brewing Co. (click for website) is one of the newest additions to our fine city's lineup of breweries! They're known for excellent and very unique craft beer, and delicious Puerto Rican food.

Street address: 820 Monroe Ave. NW Suite 155, Grand Rapids MI 49503 (click for Google Maps link)


~2 miles (one way)


Flat, slight downhill. Riding on roadways in bike lanes nearly the whole way.


Unlock your bike from the rack, get your helmet on. You'll be riding in the road (in marked bike lanes) for this route, so review your hand signals and turn on those lights!

Facing the street (Plainfield Avenue) start heading south - to your right - in the bike lane. Remember, when you're on public roadways you need to follow the same rules as cars, so stop for stoplights and yield to pedestrians! Head south on Plainfield about 2 miles. Note that there's a section where the bike lane ends and sharrows begin - you have rights to use the road like a car... but if you're not comfortable, it's OK to hop up on the sidewalk. Just remember... if you're on the sidewalk, act more like a pedestrian as far as your speed.

You'll arrive at a pretty big intersection - Leonard Street - with a railway cutting right through the middle. Wait for your turn with the light and cross Leonard, taking care as you cross the railroad tracks. At the flashing light up ahead (Coldbrook Street) turn right. Follow Coldbrook as it turns to the left past the next light, becoming Monroe Avenue.

Alternatively, you can continue on Plainfield (it becomes Division Ave.) around the bend to the first intersection - Mason Street. Turn right on Mason and take it a couple of blocks to Monroe. 

City Built Brewing Co. is ahead on the left, at the southeast corner of Monroe and Mason. Lock your bike up on the rack and enjoy a beer at with that amazing White Pine discount of yours!