City Built Brewing Co.


City Built Brewing Co. (click for website) is one of the newest additions to our fine city's lineup of breweries! They're known for excellent and very unique craft beer, and delicious Puerto Rican food.

Street address: 820 Monroe Ave. NW Suite 155, Grand Rapids MI 49503 (click for Google Maps link)


About a block (one way). Since it’s so close, most people visit City Built at the end of, or after, their ride, honestly.


Flat, on sidewalk or road.


  • Unlock your bike from the rack, get your helmet on.

  • Ride west towards the river.

  • From here, ride to the right/north along Monroe.

  • Just ahead on the right you'll see City Built Brewing Co., at the southeast corner of Monroe and Mason. Lock your bike up on the rack and enjoy a beer at with that amazing GR Bike Rentals discount of yours!

NOTE: If you go a little bit overboard at City Built - it happens - remember, you have time to spare to sober up! Take your time. Have some awesome Puerto Rican food. If you're not comfortable getting back on your bike, don't do it! Remember, buzzed biking is drunk biking, and just as dangerous as drunk driving! Walk your bike the block back to the rack. Biking around the city, ending up at City Built or another brewery, and walking or taking the bus back is not uncommon for our riders.