About White Pine Outfitters, and our Free-Wheeling Rental System


We're pretty small.


Friendly bike riders managing a tiny little online-only rental of 4-5 bikes at a time, that's White Pine Outfitters. We offer good bikes at a good price with some nice touches.

Down the road we hope to also add some canoes and kayaks in partnership with our friends at the local rowing club. Let us know how badly you want that and we'll try to make it happen sooner than later!


Free wheeling is our style.

The Free-Wheeling Rental System is meant as a response to many bike rentals that just don't seem so user-friendly. Why charge you by the hour and make you worry about getting the bike back right on time? We're adults, you're an adult, let's act like adults. Take the bike for the time you want it, just take care of it and return it the same day (i.e. no overnights, please!) and we're good! We're not interested in keeping an eye on you (although, we admit, the bikes are GPS tracked). Weekly rentals are available, but at that rate you may as well just go down the block to our friends at the bike store and buy yourself a used bike for a couple hundred bucks. All bike rentals include a lock, a helmet, bike lights, a basket, and a nice little map. And those coupons for beer. Did you see those?