We're a small bike rental in Grand Rapids, Michigan with a free-wheeling style at a great price... just $22 per day, all in!
Come explore our bike-friendly city and trails... let's get out and have some fun!

"Awesome customer service! Whole process was easy, friendly & very convenient!! Will definitely rent again."

"This was awesome service - the bikes were great, and convenient to get to the trails!"

"Just wanted to thank you for offering such a wonderfully convenient and affordable bike ride. Your service is fantastic!"

How does it work?

Simply click the "Book A Bike!" button - go through our easy online process to book the bike you want for the day you want, and you'll get a confirmation email with the combination for the bike lock!

  • No need to sign up for a membership or download an app.

  • No pesky time limits making you hurry up to return your bike... just bring it back by midnight and you're set.

  • No hidden fees or surcharges. Helmet, lock, basket, bell, lights, and map are all included (and some great discounts at Beer City USA destinations).

Renting a bike from GR Bike Rentals is a quick, inexpensive, healthy way to enjoy the Grand Rapids area!

Where do I go?

Our five comfortable cruiser bikes are located at the Embassy Suites hotel, located at 710 Monroe Avenue NW, just north of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Detailed directions and parking/transit information are emailed with your rental confirmation and discount coupon for any of several of Grand Rapids' finest breweries. Once you get to the bike, use the lock combination included your confirmation email to unlock the bike, and go have a great ride!

Check out the ROUTES page for ideas on where to ride (a handy overview map is also attached to the basket of each bike).


We have five (5) comfort bikes... it's a small operation. We don't have any tandems, kids' bikes, bike trailers, or triathlon bikes. Sorry! We'd suggest checking out any of our amazing bike shop friends in town to pick up some of those hot items.

Grand Rapids, MI Great weather for a bike ride!